Slim Framework Version 1.6.1

I’ve just released Slim Framework 1.6.1 into the stable branch. This release includes several bug fixes and general improvements to the recent 1.6.0 release. Changes in this version include:

  • Add support for X-Forwarded-For header in Slim_Http_Request::getIp()
  • Add improved encryption with more unpredictable encryption IV in Slim_Http_Util
  • Add DELETE request body parsing in Slim_Http_Request::delete()
  • Fix host name and port parsing in Slim_Http_Request
  • Fix HTTP header parsing in Slim_Environment, trim whitespace from values
  • Fix logging and pass log level as second argument to custom log writers’ * write() method
  • Fix request body parsing for multipart HTTP requests in Slim_Http_Request
  • Fix URI parsing regression for Windows users in Slim_Environment
  • Replace logo.png in repo with base64-encoded image tag