Slim 3.1.0 released!

We have released Slim version 3.1.0. This version makes a number of minor issues and improvements since the release of 3.0.0

The key changes are:


  • #1620 - Add getParsedBodyParam() and getQueryParam() to Slim\Http\Request.
  • #1688 - Add App::process() to allow running a Slim application when you already have a request and response object. This allows a Slim application to be used within the middleware of another middleware pipeline.
  • #1697 - Add HTTP 451 status code to Slim\Http\Response.


  • #1670 - Removed final from Slim\Container to allow extension.
  • #1684 - withJson() will now thrown an Exception if it fails to encode.
  • #1706 - Calling a non-existent method on App will now throw BadMethodCallException.


  • #1682 - Parse REQUEST_URL correctly in Slim\Http\Uri.
  • #1698 - Slim\Http\Request now correctly determines the HTTP protocol version.

The full list of changes is here