Slim 3.2.0 released!

We have released Slim version 3.2.0. There are not that many changes since 3.1.0, but we found a few bugs to fix and have added a few nice improvements, particularly around error handling.

The key changes are:


  • #1736 - Support the hostOnly cookie flag
  • #1764 - Write to the PHP error log if displayErrorDetails is false to make it easier to find out what’s gone wrong!
  • #1770 - Support PHP 7+ errors in the same way that Exceptions are handled.


  • #1716 - Middleware is now only resolved when required.
  • #1745 - Separate service registration from the container to make it easier to use your own Pimple container and then register the default Slim services.


  • #1733 & #1734 - Allow setting an empty array into the Request’s query params and parsed body.
  • #1737 - Do not explicitly set the HTTP status code in withJson.
  • #1738 - Named routes added after a call to pathFor can now be resolved in subsequent calls to pathFor.
  • #1739 - Responses with a body of indeterminate length can now have their content sent.

The full list of changes is here