Slim 4.0.0-beta released

We are excited to announce the Slim 4.0.0 beta release. Please direct all your feedback for this release to the Slim 4 Beta Release Feedback Thread. The new docs are located here.

Stability Status

Very stable. No bugs have been reported since alpha release, we have also increased test coverage to 99% (I know, it’s not necessarily a great metric but fantastic achievement nonetheless). Thanks @adriansuter for all the work. Build Status Coverage Status

Changelog Since Alpha





Supported PSR-7 Implementations CI Status

Thanks @adriansuter who created a Slim4-CI repository to ensure that the main 4 PSR-7 implementations our AppFactory supports can be integrated correctly.

# PSR-7 Implementation Status
1 Slim PSR-7 Slim
2 Nyholm Nyholm
3 Guzzle Guzzle
4 Zend Zend

Note: Travis-CI is configured to be triggered automatically at least every 24 hours.

Slim 4 DDD Skeleton

@l0gicgate created an app skeleton with a DDD style directory structure, example files and test coverage. It is a very opinionated and we’re not sure yet if it is the right fit for a skeleton but we would like some feedback. You can clone the skeleton and try it out:

git clone
git checkout 4.x

Slim 4 MVC Skeleton

@adriansuter created an MVC skeleton. You can clone the skeleton and try it out:

git clone